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dogAnderson Camera Repairs technicians will expertly assess your camera to ensure you get the correct quote and necessary repairs

Some cameras, lenses and other pieces of equipment are submitted for repair in good or fair condition, others have had a harder life and require more care.

We believe estimates should be based on a technician’s examination and assessment, NOT a sight unseen GUESS over the phone based repairs which may not be similar to your fault and may result in an unnecessarily high costs and ignoring your repair requirements.

We offer Free Examination and Verbal Estimates onsite between 8am-2 pm Monday to Friday. It is the most accurate and efficient way to address most repair problems. (Some items will require detailed printed estimates as they may need further examination)

Our technicians will examine your equipment, and we will advise you of the repair and cost involved. You can confidently make a decision based on the individual repair needs of your equipment.

Detailed printed estimates are required in some situations. All equipment sent to our workshop or delivered by a third party, for insurance purposes, or that require dismantling to define the fault will receive a detailed written estimate. In these cases a pre-paid estimate fee of $75 (including GST) for cameras is applicable. Detailed printed estimates are valid for six weeks from the date of printing.

If the estimated job proceeds this fee is deducted from the labour amount upon completion of the repair.

If you require your equipment dispatched back to you, we offer a freight service for $22.00 (within Australia) including transit insurance, packing and GST.

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