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Lens Repair

Anderson Camera Repairs’ lens servicing (and repairs) helps you to focus on your shot.

Andersons Camera Repairs Lens RepairModern day auto focus lens are more sophisticated than traditional non-auto focus lens. AF lens contain new technology such as an AS assembly, drive gears and motors.

The electronic AF contacts in a lens communicate with a camera body. If the contacts become dirty and are unable to communicate effectively, the lens may be unable to focus.

Dust can get into your lens. This dust can move from the lens to the sensors in your camera. When this occurs, marks can show up in your photos.

By getting your lens cleaned and lubricated from time to time by our expert technical team, your lens and camera will operate more reliably and you wont miss any of your shots.

How Anderson Camera Repairs conduct lens servicing 

Anderson Camera Repairs is a third generation family business established 65+ years ago. We understand how important it is to express your creativity and capture inspirational images.

Our expert technical team undertake lens servicing and repairs using advanced technology in our custom built photographic service centre to deliver a fast and reliable outcome for you.

9 step ‘high quality’ lens servicing process

With a focus on delivering the highest standard of service, our factory trained technicians service and repair a large range of AF and non-AF lens using the following approach:

  1. Dismantle lens
  2. Clean dust from internal elements
  3. Remove fungus from lens elements (if relevant)
  4. Replace sections damaged by impact (if relevant)
  5. Realign optics and adjust back and front focus mechanisms
  6. Collimate lenses and lubricate barrels
  7. Take AF assemblies down and clean the motor
  8. Test resolution of lens
  9. Replace rubber grips (if required)

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