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Mail order instructions

3078559786Please follow the instructions below for Anderson's Camera Repairs mail order items.

Cameras and equipment are often freighted to us for repairs and estimates. Please ensure you send us the following:

  • Completed Mail Order Form, your details including your name, address, day time contact numbers, mobile and email address
  • Describe the problem fully in the “FAULT FOR REPAIR” section.
  • Please be specific with the fault, and clarify if the problem is of intermittent nature.
  • Please tick if it is an estimate, warranty, or charge repair.
  • Please complete payment section in the Mail Order Form.
  • Accept our terms and conditions of repair (Tick box).

Dispatch and Payment

When packing your equipment:

  • DO NOT INCLUDE Digital memory cards, film, batteries or other unrelated accessories.
  • DO INCLUDE A copy of the Warranty / proof of purchase in case of Warranty repairs, as the repair cannot proceed without this being received. Any prints showing the faults that you have experienced.

It’s a good idea to record your serial number prior to dispatch, should you wish to enquire about your jobs progress we can use this to quick track your job.

Please send items to:

14 Merritt St Capalaba
Queensland, 4157

Once your equipment is received, details will be entered in our computer job tracking system, so we can track your repairs progress through our workshop. We will advise that we have received your item, and job progress via sms or email.

If you wish to enquire about your jobs current repair status, simply email or phone (07) 3245 6444 or fax (07) 3245 4568, stating the name given on the work order form, and your cameras serial number.


We recommend placing the equipment in a plastic bag, enclose your work order Form, and then pack in a cardboard box using Flo Pak or a bubble wrap sheet to fill the gap around the item being sent. If this is not available crunched up newspaper will suffice. Ensure you pack your equipment well to reduce risk of transit damage.

The item being sent should ideally only take up one third of the box space with packing around all sides. It is a good idea to test your packing by giving the box a gentle shake, if the content moves around you should add more packing.


Send your equipment with an insured carrier or registered Australia Post. Your equipment is insured on our premises and in return transit.

Returning completed repairs

We dispatch repaired goods anywhere in Australia; delivery times can vary depending on your location. Goods will not be dispatched until all outstanding payments are received as per payment terms and conditions (above). Australia Post and Fastway carry out deliveries, Monday to Friday and a signature is required on all deliveries.

Our delivery fee is $22.00 including freight, packing, insurance and GST. To avoid delays please ensure that you have clearly completed your delivery address details on your payment or remittance advice.

Payment Terms & Conditions

creditCredit Cards: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Bankcard & American Express only. Dispatch takes place when verification is received.

icon directdeposit

Direct deposit:  Complete remittances advise and sent to us once you have made payment. Note: Dispatch takes place once bank confirmation of payment is received.

chequeCheques: We accept cheques and goods are dispatched once the Cheque has cleared, which normally takes approximately 5 working days. Please provide Remittance advice with your cheque.


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Phone: 07 3245 6444
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