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Sensor Cleans

Anderson Camera Repairs' sensor cleaning helps you to capture inspirational moments without disappointing dust spots appearing on your images. Removing dust from the sensor image also maintains the reliability of the image sensor in your digital

The Anderson Photographic Service Centre provides a reliable “same day” sensor cleaning service while you wait between 9 am and 2 pm from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, book in for an “overnight” sensor cleaning service and collect your camera at 9 am the next morning.

As the Queensland authorized agent for Sony and Nikon, we conduct sensor cleans for enthusiast and profressional photographers alike; and in particular Nikon Professional Service (NPS) members. In addition, we undertake Canon sensor cleans and for many other brands.

How Anderson Camera Repairs conduct sensor cleaning.

Anderson Camera Repairs is a third generation family business established 60+ years ago. So we understand how important it is for you to express your creativity and capture inspirational images.

Our qualified and experienced technicians undertake sensor cleaning using advanced technology, highly filtered compressed air; and quality chemicals, wet and dry swabs that won’t damage your camera.

7 step ‘high quality’ sensor cleaning process.

With a focus on delivering the highest standard of service, our technicians use the following 7 step process to conduct sensor cleaning:

Anderson-Camera-Repairs SensorCleaning Sensor Cleaning

  1. take a “before image” of the sensor to show you the state of the image sensor
  2. use filtered regulated compressed air to remove dust from the sensor image and mirror box
  3. inspect the image sensor to ensure large dust particles have been removed
  4. clean the sensor using swabs and chemicals until all dust particles are removed
  5. clean the mirror and the external view finder
  6. clean the body to lens contacts to improve communication between the camera and lens
  7. take an “after image” to show you the sensor image is now spotless*.

Book a sensor clean today using our book a job form, or mail order form,  email us or call 07 3245 6444.

(* In a few minor occasions not all spots can be removed. We would advise you if this was the case.)

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